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Definitions of the Courses & Programs

Definitions of the programs offered at Freediving Centre.com

We have sorted or divided our program selection on Freediving Centre.com into eight categories. These categories are beginner, advanced and master freediving courses, coaching and master training which is meant as a non-certifying activity and is often organised by the dive centre in a way they deem optimal. Then we have the freediving internships, which can be paid or free and with different levels, and then the instructor course and zero to hero program, which usually ends with an instructor course.

But since there are more options, we like to use this page to define the courses and programs offered here at Freediving Centre.com.

And please note, we do NOT allow freediving centres to register here as ‘enthusiasts’ or ‘coaches’. The dive centre’s listed on Freediving Centre.com need to be active members of one of the different international recognised freediving training agencies and have officially certified instructors.

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The Beginner Freediving Courses and Entry Level Courses

The first real freediving course is the beginner course, and these are the SSI Level 1, The Molchanovs Wave 1, the AIDA 2*, etc.

The SSI Basic Freediving Course and AIDA 1* are entry-level courses but are not needed before progressing to the next level – beginner or advanced. We grouped them hereunder beginner courses since all Level 1 instructors can teach the beginner courses, the introduction and the different workshops.

For more information, contact the claimed dive centres via the contact form on their page and ask them the different options for beginners. Your decision which course to take will depend on time, budget en enthusiasm.

Beginner Freediving Course

The Advanced Freediving Courses

The 2nd level in recreational freediving are the advanced freediving courses where students usually learn new skills like frenzel equalisation, buoyancy checks at depth and freefall. The course titles are the SSI Level 2, Molchanovs Wave 2, PFI Advanced Freediver, etc.

Advanced Freediving Courses

The Master Freediving Courses

The Master Freediving Courses are, with most agencies, the final level in recreational freediving. Courses include the AIDA 4*, FII Level 3 and the RAID Master Freediving course.

Molchanovs is currently developing the Wave 4 course, which will be a competitive freediving course with levels far below what is considered recreational freediving. When Molchanovs officially launches the Wave 4, we’ll update this here.

Master Freediving Courses


Coaching sessions are organised by the dive centre and instructor and can take shape in different ways.

Again, we don’t allow listings of ‘enthusiasts’ or ‘coaches’. The coaching listings here on Freediving Centre.com are all certified freediving instructors.

Master Training

It is up to the dive centre to define their Master Training, but usually, it is a group of master freedivers training together under the guidance of a training director or master freediving instructor.

Instructor Courses

There are quite a few different professional level courses – more than we could categorise here separately. We now define it as one category since most Instructor Trainers can teach different instructor levels.

Instructor Courses

Freediving Internships

The duration and form of a freediving internship are defined by the freediving centre. A freediving internship can either be paid or free, and the duration ranges from 1 week up to 3 or even 6 months.

The Zero to Hero freediving program

The Zero to Hero program is usually a 3-month program starting with the beginner or advanced courses and finishes with an instructor course.


Image Source: different freediving courses

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