Magma Freediving School Fuerteventura


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This course is open to anyone curious to try Freediving. It covers all the basic theory, breathing techniques, equalization and safety aspects of freediving. You will also participate in an open or confined water session, learning the basics of apnea by practicing dives “on the line”, up to 8-10m deep!


Similar to a PADI Open Water Level, this course will give you all the necessary knowledge to be able to dive without instructor, as long as you are with someone with the same level. This course will get a bit more in depth about the theory around freediving: breathing, relaxation, equalization, pressure, safety and rescue. It also includes 1 confined water session (static and dynamic apnea practice) and 2 open water sessions.


Confidence in the water is a key element. Surfing breath-holds are different than freediving because of the stress and the physical effort before the hold-downs. We will talk about how to deal with long breath-holds, relaxation and what is making you want to breathe. We will give you the means to train at home safely. The Basic course is divided in one theory session and one pool session and the Full course has one more open water session.