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I know this may seem like a very generic topic but I find that more often than not, freedivers are given the knowledge in order to dive, but fail to make the link between theory and application. There are also very experienced divers out there that even after years of diving still do not understand the physics of diving. This is one of the many reasons we advocate taking our Freediver or Intermediate Freediver courses here at the Oregon Freediving Company. Since man has been able to write, people have been interested in observing what is going on and documenting it. It is the ancient Greeks who were responsible for the shift to a rational belief. If you are close enough you are able to see through the magic to see the logic. Any technology is significantly advanced is discernable from magic. I know this may sound like a romantic Novel but the majority of our community sees the magic of freediving, and what I would like you to now see, is the logic behind it all.